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Name: Silver
Real name: Vincent Vittorio
Age: 16

Pokemon Team:
Loki (Umbreon)

Silver is the typical Dark Brooding Lancer character, complete with the dark and troubled past. The son of Team Rocket leader Giovanni, he was abandoned by the man before he even turned ten and as a result hates TR and all it stands for. Fortunately, he now has a built-in family support system through his two best friends, his mentor/crush, his mentor's cousin and his mentor's good friend who has a thing for his cousin.

While a good trainer and definitely a badass, Silver is reckless, stubborn and clumsy, the last one being a result of the first two. He tends to act without thinking, which leads to him tripping over or falling into things and has earned him the nick-name "Danger-Prone Silver", which he LOATHES.

His most frequent partners when splitting up are Lance, Clair and Ethan, though sometimes he'll split off with Ethan and Lyra or Lance and Karen.

Despite being a cranky tsundere and a hardass, Silver definitely has a soft side and a good heart, which is evidenced in his possession of a Crobat and an Umbreon-two Pokemon that only evolve through a close bond with their trainer.

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