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RP journal for Silver of Pokemon HGSS. This particular Silver is from the Johto Mystery Solvers-verse.

Interests (69):

angst, arguing with clair, being a badass, being a lethal chef, being a surprisingly good dancer, being a tsundere, being clair's partner, being danger-prone, being lance's partner, being stubborn, being teased by lyra, being the middle brother, being the team klutz, being the token cynic, being the toughest trainer, being trolled by karen, being trolled by my pokemon, clair, clues, coffee, constantly getting in trouble, covers of popular songs, daddy issues, don't you dare pity me, ethan, ethan no stupid catchphrases, ethan's a moron, failing at chores, falling in rivers, falling into traps, family guy sucks, forgetting to eat, getting in trouble, glomming onto lance, hating my father, haunted houses, having issues, i'm not cute dammit, intrigue, karen, karen is insane, lance, lance's capes are stupid, lance's hair looks stupid, lusting after lance, lyra, lyra and ethan are my siblings, lyra is crazy, my mother was a whore, my pokemon, never evolving sneasel, not other people, not team rocket, obligatory musical numbers, peanut butter cups, periods are gross, piss off, playing the guitar, ramen, running from ghosts, sexual tension with lance, solving mysteries, strength, team rocket sucks, the killers, the lancer, there's no such thing as ghosts, tripping, what decade are we in again?
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